Environmental policy

1.Basic environmental philosophy


We do not think the recent deterioration of the environment should be overlooked.
As a company engaged in production activities that are part of the automobile industry we will actively take the local and global environment into consideration, take conscious actions and make a full commitment to continuously make meaningful improvements.



2. Environmental policy


Since our founding in 1942, we have continuously manufactured high-quality sheets through a consistent development and manufacturing process. While complying with all environmental laws and regulations set by the government and stakeholders, we will give priority to the following matters and will do our utmost to protect the environment and prevent pollution.


1.Achieve continuous improvements by operating the environmental management system.


2.Strive to reduce waste by promoting recycling and reuse.


3.Understand and monitor risks, operate the PDCA cycle, and strive to improve environmental performance.


4.Continue to carry out educational activities for employees to raise their environmental awareness.